Sunday, September 27, 2015

NW to SW

I recently travelled back to Oregon after living in Moab, Utah for 6 months. I thought that I would try living in Portland, pursue my budding interests in natural building and be closer to my family. I also felt like it was something I should do- that I had an unspoken obligation to return to the NW. Here I was like a salmon out to the ocean now sensing it was time to return to the stream I was spawn in. 

I felt- something. I felt it so much that I ignored several opportunities presented to me to stay in Moab and turned down a position that would have pushed me farther in natural building. I even turned down the offer to live rent-free in the home I had just built in exchange for dog sitting. Within moments of arriving at my parents house, my entire family waiting for me to arrive- I knew down in my gut that instead of feeling like I had returned home from a long journey, that I had really left something unfinished in Utah. 

The train ride from Salem, OR to Green River, UT

So I left Salem. And being back in Moab feels good. 

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